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Many owners rent their Plantation homes. All rentals require a rental contract and trigger the payment of a $100.00 entrance fee to the SGPOA. This requirement applies to homes of owners with full SGPOA membership as well as those in Affiliate neighborhoods with partial privileges.

If you use a rental agency to manage your rentals, they will deliver the rental contract and entrance fee to SGPOA, and register the renters with the security gate. If you handle your rental, privately as an owner, you must provide SGPOA with the signed rental agreement and pay the entrance fee. You are responsible for registering the renter along with the arrival and departure times through the GATE PASS system. Log into DwellingLive or use the DwellingLive app and click Add Guest. From the Select Pass Type dropdown menu, select VRBO renter (you may have to scroll down as it is the last type of pass on the list).

Security is required to review the authorization for all persons entering the gate. Renters not authorized in DwellingLive will be denied entrance. In addition, owners are accountable for violations of SGPOA rules and regulations for anyone they authorize to enter the Plantation, so make sure your renters read the rental contract in its entirety.

If you have additional questions, contact [email protected].